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For carers, patients and healthcare professionals:

Below are copies of the information from each of the support topics on this website. You can save these onto your computer or print them by pressing where it says ‘Click here’ below.

Understanding breathlessness in COPD‘: Click here

Understanding breathlessness in cancer‘: Click here

Stress, panic and breathlessness‘: Click here

Tools to ease breathlessness‘: Click here

Keeping active‘: Click here

Living a fulfilling life‘: Click here

Managing infections‘: Click here 

Looking after your own health‘: Click here

What to expect in the future‘: Click here

As the patient becomes more unwell – for COPD‘: Click here

As the patient becomes more unwell – for cancer‘: Click here

Accessing care and support – for COPD‘: Click here

Accessing care and support – for cancer‘: Click here

Talking with your healthcare team‘: Click here

When someone dies‘: Click here

Useful links to other sources of information and support

British Lung Foundation


Carers UK

Breathlessness Intervention Service

For healthcare professionals:

If you are a healthcare professional there is information below with guidance on how ‘Supporting someone with breathlessness’ can be best used with carers and patients.

How to use – for healthcare professionals‘: Click here

For information about how this resource was developed: Click here

For more information about we identified the 6 topics this website resource covers see: Farquhar, M., Penfold, C., Benson, J., Lovick, R., Mahadeva, R., Howson, S.,…Ewing, G. (2017). Six key topics informal carers and patients with breathlessness in advanced disease want to learn about and why: MRC phase I study to inform an educational intervention. PloS one, 12(5), e0177081.