What to expect in the future

Please be advised: the following information in this topic is meant to help prepare you and the patient if things get worse. Some people can find reading and talking about this type of information upsetting. 

Thinking and talking about the future can be difficult – both for you and for the patient. It can feel hard to know when and how to start.

But thinking and talking about the future is important – it may help you and the patient be better prepared for what might happen.

‘Some people won’t want to talk about it … I can understand, it’s very hard… but there should be some encouragement to talk about it ‘cause it does make life simpler’
‘Jim’, former carer to his wife

Within this topic you will find information that carers, patients and healthcare professionals have told us would be helpful for carers and patients to know and think about.

Information in this topic includes:

Some carers may find it helpful to look at this topic with the patient – others may prefer to look on their own – do whatever is best for you.

I’m really torn because people tell you to live in the moment and not to plan but then you also want to know a little bit. You may be hanging on too long. We couldn’t have talked about this when Richard was ill. You have to talk when you can, when you are well’
‘Alice’, carer for her husband

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